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Samstag, 13. Juni 2009

FIRE ANGEL – Mut und Klarheit – Original Gemälde

Zu diesem Engel gibt es eine unglaubliche Geschichte.

Eines Tages wurde ich von einer Frau aus den USA online kontaktiert. Sie hat mein Bild im Internet entdeckt und meinte, in diesem Engel ihren ermordeten Freund erkannt zu haben. Fragte, ob ich ihn auch kannte, da die Ähnlichkeit so verblüffend sein sollte. Für mich klang das ziemlich unheimlich und ich fragte nach, ob ich das Bild von dem verstorbenen Freund sehen dürfte.

Ich bekam eine Antwort.

"Dear Margarita,

It truly is remarkable that you would paint Dwight after his soul has yet progressed after I was shown him.
It didn't surprise me to see him like that as the main thing I think about when I think of Dwight is love, honor an truth. One day you will meet him in Heaven also and will understand more when you do. Your paintings are beautiful beautiful, you are very talented with your gift. Yes that is me with my brother Robert on the memory site. I have not seen Robert in quite awhile. I miss him a lot. I do not know where he is but I pray for him a lot. He also knew Dwight and Dwight's Tragic passing really upset him. When Dwight first was murdered there Was a lot of activity. He would move things in my apartment and turn up the song "you raise me up" that was by Josh Groban. The song actually came out after he passed. My radio would even play in the car with no key yet in the ignition. Glasses moved also in his place he lived right across the room.
I had the priest that held his service pray for his safe return home.

Finally after 1 year and a half in prayer God showed me Dwight. He was almost transparent standing with his hair flowing back in between two columns. He was saying I am here now I suppose. I prayed over where he got killed. His landlord finally sold the house and then by surprise within a year God cleared not only the house buy the whole block with houses, gone and leveled off. The new grass was growing and I did see 2 doves fly over the land. Shortly after we moved from Florida to Georgia. Now with Dwight and believe I know him so well. He had an ex girlfriend Robin a friend of ours and a very close person to him that killed herself 3 months Before Dwight left us. I know he would have went into hell and back just to find her.

I can see now that he did find her and is even stronger as he passed through that fire. The flames are like truth. He stood for truth and always looked you right in the eye with truth. I am going to send 100.00 please make what ever you can with a print and postage for me. I greatly appreciate you having an open heart and spirit to paint Dwight. He is my best friend and very very well loved and missed here very much.

I know he is closer than I think sometimes when I am in prayer.

I can't wait for you to meet him one day, he is your angel too.

With Love,
Mercy Nanci"

Und die Bilder.

Unglaublich, nicht war? Und dann kam noch ein Brief.

" Dear Margarita,

I have a memorial site for my best friend at

He always stood for truth. He was so special.
My best friend for many years. His name is Dwight Scott.

Your painting gave me the chills an still does. He never cut his hair much and the length is what it would be now also. He has a very loving heart and a spirit that believes in truth very much. I believe he transformed in Heaven as he had a mission to attend to that was very important to him and I see he has accomplished that now and is like a warrior angel. I first saw him in a painting called remember me that I have here.

And now in his final "I made it" in your painting. I do not stop getting the chills as I write this. The chills Are a confirmation.

Thank you for painting that angel. It means sooooooooooooo much to me that you did.

Mercy Nanci "